1. Last Night
 2. Piano Shakin' Blues
 3. Hot Time In Memphis
 4. Arabian Moon
 5. Girl Of My Dream
 6. Fire Fingers
 7. Sweetheart Waltz
 8. Tippi Toeing
 9. Soul Struttin'
10. Here We Go Now



At the age of 15, Jerry Lee "Smoochy" Smith met Mr. Sam Phillips, owner of Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. When Sam heard Smoochy play the piano, he offered him a job, and Smoochy was one of their staff piano players for three years.

Smoochy was one of the first Rock-n-Roll piano players in Memphis, and he was instrumental in creating the great Memphis pumping piano sound. He played on numerous record sessions at Sun as well as other studios in Memphis. He was an original member of the Mar-Keys and was co-writer as well as piano and organ player on their monster hit "Last Night" in 1961.


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