Jerry Lee's autobiography

Released February 2008

This book is about Jerry Lee "Smoochy" Smith, a musician and entertainer from the fifties. Jerry Lee is a self-taught pianist and vocalist. He plays piano in the style of rockabilly, country, boogie, blues, and gospel. He became interested in playing the piano when he was 9 years old. By the age of 14, he was already playing professionally.


This book is about the many things Jerry Lee has been involved in throughout his musical career. You will laugh, cry, and ooh and aah at the things he has to say about his personal life and his involvement with other people, friends, and musicians. The end of the book tells of the changes he made in his life. After reading this book, Jerry Lee says, “You will discover The Real Me.”


Press release in The Commercial Appeal Playbook on June 27, 2008.



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