I was excited to be making my first CD in Nashville.


While the owner of the studio was mixing the CD, I was sitting beside him watching. My producer, Ed Bozeman, sat behind us and took three pictures. Later, when we looked at the pictures, we saw that there was a circle of light hovering around us. What could this be, we wondered.

I took the picture to a photo shop to have a print made. After the printer finished making my copy, it made a strange noise, stopped, and then made five more copies. WOW! That was amazing.

Could this CD cause something amazing to happen to you?

1. So Many Songs So Little Time
2. Ain't That Good News
3. My Sister My Brother
4. The Skin You're In
5. I Don't Care A Thing About You
6. Lovin' In Return
7. Goodnight Little Girl Of My Dream
8. The Best Of Me
9. Do I Look Like I Care


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