1. Rock-A-Billy Reunion

  2. If Bubba Can Dance

  3. You Were There

  4. Sweet, Sweet Angel

  5. The Band Won't Stop

  6. Night Life Is My Weakness

  7. Bubba Drives Our Bus

  8. Mystery Train

  9. Rock-A-Billy Music

10. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes


The Rock-A-Billy Country CD features artists from the fifties who recorded as side musicians at various times at Sun Recording Studio. The group was formed by the late Paul Burlison, who was a lead guitarist. This is the last group he was with and this CD is the last recording he made.


The other artists on this CD are rockabilly veterans Jerry Lee "Smoochy" Smith (piano), W. S. "Fluke" Holland (drums), J. T. Morgan (bass), C. W. Gatlin (lead guitar), and Kim Curtis (rhythm guitar).


Vocals on the CD are done by Smith, Morgan, Gatlin, and Curtis.


This CD was recorded at the old Sun Studio but is a featured item of Southern Music Studio.



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“Rock-A-Billy Music” sung by Jerry Lee "Smoochy" Smith.




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