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Pianist and singer Jerry Lee “Smoochy” Smith  was an original member of the Mar-Keys and played on their 1961-1962 instrumental hit “Last Night.” He was also a cowriter of the song.



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The Mar-keys performing.

Packy  Axton, Duck Dunn, Wayne Jackson, Terry Johnson,
Don Nix, Steve Cropper and Jerry Lee “Smoochy” Smith on the right.



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The Mar-Keys in the studio.

 Packy Axton, Wayne Jackson, Donald Dunn,
Don Nix, Terry Johnson, Steve Cropper and Smoochy Smith




Short Biography of the Mar-Keys

excerpts from All Music Guide


Despite scoring only one national hit, the 1961 instrumental smash "Last Night," the Mar-Keys remain one of the most important groups ever to emerge from the Memphis music scene. They were the first house band for the legendary Stax label.


The Mar-Keys formed in 1958 and included drummer Terry Johnson, pianist Jerry Lee “Smoochy” Smith, saxophonists Don Nix and Charles Axton, and trumpeter Wayne Jackson in addition to Cropper and Dunn. Originally dubbed the Royal Spaces, in 1960 the group joined the staff at the Satellite label, backing artists that included Rufus Thomas and his daughter Carla. A year later, the Mar-Keys headlined  “Last Night.”


When Satellite changed its name to Stax, the Mar-Keys remained on board, laying the foundation for the classic Memphis soul sound.


The Mar-Keys were undoubted masters and became the house band for Stax Records. The group underwent several changes. Smoochy left by 1962.




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