"Keep It Simple"

by Steve Z




 1. Georgia Girl

 2. Back Home

 3. Keep It Simple

 4. Peanut Butter Cookie Blues

 5. Mama, Why Do You Hate Daddy?

 6. Lost In Memories

 7. Time To Move Along

 8. Do I Look Like I Care

 9. Mom’s Advice

10. You Were There

11. Hey Good Lookin'

12. Big City








This is Steve’s Z’s first CD. Steve was born on the Fourth of July.  He has been singing and playing the guitar since he was 25 years old.




Accompaniments on this CD


Jerry Lee “Smoochy” Smith plays the keyboard on all songs. “Keep It Simple” and “Peanut Butter Cookie Blues” feature Jerry Lynn Smith on electric guitar. In “Keep It Simple” you will hear Gerald Brown on dobro. “You Were There” features Paul Burleson on guitar.



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