1.  Bombs Over Baghdad

  2.  Just Out Of Reach

  3.  Piano Shaking Blues

  4.  Smoochy Plays The Boogie

  5.  Statue Of A Fool

  6.  Mexico

  7.  Mona Lisa

  8.  Arabian Moon

  9.  Over The Rainbow

10.  Cow-Cow Boogie

11.  Legend In My Time

12.  Goodbye, World, Goodbye


Jerry Lee's first CD, Bombs Over Baghdad, is an instrumental album written with an Arabian flair.


On the title cut, bursting bombs sound over Smoochy's minor-chord romp of an original which he wrote years ago and recorded on this album after being inspired by the Iraqi War. Elsewhere on this album, he phrases a tune, as only he can, on such numbers as the great "Piano Shaking Blues" and a song that says it all, “Smoochy Plays the Boogie.”


Jerry Lee also wrote five other songs that are on this CD. He is versatile and can play many types of music. His skilled playfulness on the 88s comes through no matter the setting.



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