SMS Recordings is owned by Jerry Lee “Smoochy” Smith. He designed his digital studio for the purpose of recording his own songs as well as those of other artists.


Jerry Lee says, “I know you will enjoy your CDs from SMS Recordings. I pride myself in giving the best sound, quality, and creativity in every CD produced.”





Smoochy Records in Nashville



Other CDs produced by SMS


Bombs Over Baghdad by Jerry Lee “Smoochy” Smith


Jerry & Barry Rock by Jerry Lee and Barry Booth


Keep it Simple by Steve Z


Originals by Smoochy by Jerry Lee "Smoochy" Smith


Piano Instrumentals by Smoochy


Rock-A-Billy Country (recorded at Sun Studio)


Smoochy's Gone Wild by Jerry Lee "Smoochy" Smith


Up In Lights by The Smoochy Smith Trio



Gospel Songs


The Real Me by Jerry Lee Smith (instrumentals)


Take That First Step by Jerry Lee Smith (vocals)


Old Favorites by Jerry Lee and Charlie C (instrumentals)


The LoNote Duo Volume 7 by Charlie May and Jerry Lee Smith (vocals)





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Photo Gallery — Jerry Lee through the years



Jerry Lee's autobiography




Interview with local newspaper



Smoochy on MySpace


Smoochy on CD Baby


Smoochy on Radio Indy


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